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Indomitable Spirit


Indomitable Spirit. 
In Korean … baek juul bul gul

The inner energy to NEVER give up.

It is still humbling to see our students and parents wearing World Class shirts and apparel. I really take it as such a high compliment.

We’ve all heard the saying to “Never judge a book by it’s cover” but most of the time that cover is trying to represent what is inside that book.

When I see a student wearing our Championship T-shirt, World Class hoodie or one of our other designs, I really brings me a fulfillment in knowing that student wants to be and is part of our our World Class family!

Preparing for this summer, I wanted to have a new shirt available for our students that REALLY represented who we are, when we say World Class. A shirt that was good looking, but comfortable and at the same time represented a deep meaning of our Tae Kwon Do philosphy.

It made me reflect on the past year and what situations everyone in our organization have faced. Our Inverness school has been displaced voluntarily and then involuntary. We’ve trained outside. We’ve trained through tough times. We’ve trained for tournaments and testings. We’ve had some awesome events and seminars and we’ve had to adapt to situations that were not ideal. We even trained with slinkies.

One thing that never wavered though, was our INNER DRIVE to move forward. No matter how many times things got tough, difficult and sometimes seemingly insurmountable.. the thought was always - GO FORWARD!

We learned that even when you get knocked back a few steps, that only means we get a running start to the next step!

I kept having an image in my mind of this phoenix rising back up from the ashes, and in our case, pretty literally out of the ashes when the Inverness school caught on fire. It’s actually kind of funny that years ago (lots of years ago) we had a school “mascot”, Scar the Eagle. The eagle represented the freedom of flight and soaring to new heights, but now that eagle has transformed into the phoenix. The phoenix with the indomitable spirit to just continue to rise!

When you wear our newest shirt, I hope you have the same feeling of indomitable spirit in you - and I want you to remember that tough times will always come, but people with the indomitable spirit will overcome any challenge! And you have that when you are WORLD CLASS!

- Master Scarsella

Indomitable Spirit Shirts are available at your location!


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