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A Letter to You During COVID-19

World Class Families!

I hope everyone is still doing well, healthy and happy! I wanted to give you some updates from our school and outlook of where I see things!

To our parents:

World Class Parents, I want you to know you are doing a great job! I’ve been hearing stories about treasuring this time together with your family, time that we may not have gotten otherwise. And I’ve of course heard about how it’s hard to work remotely with cheetos being thrown at you while you’re on a Zoom call! But in all seriousness, no one was ready for the magnitude of the situation, and you should give yourself a lot of credit. When we look back at this from 6 months, 1 year or 5 years from now, there will be things we actually miss about being quarantined with our family! Try to enjoy the time you have, and it is okay to have boundaries as well. We are going to keep teaching live classes for many reasons, but one of them is to let you have time for yourself. We are in this together, and we are proud of you!

To our students:

Boys & girls! I want you to know that you are learning unbelievable skills right now. Yes, you are doing E-learning/homeschooling work. You are probably studying math and English. But I want you to realize you are learning much more. The 3 main things I want you to know you are learning are adaptability, perseverance and growth through new experiences.

ADAPTABILITY - You are learning that even though we are used to doing things one way, there may be many ways to get something done. It’s an unbelievable skill to realize. One of the concepts I teach my staff is that your level of success directly reflects your ability to solve problems. The life lesson of ADAPTABILITY will be something that will drive you and your generation to figure out new ways, better ways to do so many things, plus you will learn how to prioritize the things that are most important to you - like family time!

PERSEVERANCE - Keep on keeping on. We learn perseverance through persevering. When it comes to persevering sometimes we have a choice to give up or not. And sometimes, like our current situation, we don’t have a choice. We just have to keep going. But realizing that you are going, and not going to stop because of COVID-19 means you can implement those skill when it is your choice to give up. Just when something gets hard, you will be able to pull from these experiences to remember you handled COVID-19, and you can handle your future challenges. Even more than that, you know you will come out better after those challenges and even look forward to the times it gets hard.

GROWTH - Growth & progress seems far away. This situation has put a halt on our school’s growth. It has put a halt on the progress of my students to a certain extent. It seems like everything is frozen. But I want you to know, that is not actually what is happening. We may not see progress right now, but our growth will be accelerated after this event. It’s like we are the beach ball being held under the water and when they let go, we will pop up to the top and out of the water at an incredible speed. Growth and progress might currently look different but you are definitely still growing and progressing.

To our community:

I want to say thank you! As a small business, I’ve never faced such a tremendous force trying to attack my business. My business involves children’s personal growth, unbelievable relationships, staff and their families, and a place for people to grow. That was attacked and scary. But as much emotion - both high and low - that I felt, I have had a feeling of “I was built for this.” Part of that feeling is the unbelievable support from our World Class families. The outpouring of thank you, appreciation, donation, offering assistance and more was humbling to say the least. It made me want to fight even harder than I already was. I didn’t always know what the right or best decisions were, but I new decisions needed to be made. I knew we wanted to be in front of our students. It’s not the ideal experience I would want to give, but it was something. My team became tech support & experts. We had to rely on technology that we never used before. We brainstormed ways to reach students in outlets we might not have been able to before like trivia, Q&A sessions. We filmed for hours. We couldn’t have done any of that without you and your support! So to our World Class Community - Thank you!

To the future:

I am hearing good news about possibly being open sooner than later. I know there isn’t an official date of us legally being able to open, but we will be ready. I also know that not everyone will be comfortable with going out just yet, and I support that decision as well. We will be ready as far as our sanitizing and protocols for health and safety. We will be ready with small classes. We will be ready with virtual classes. So no matter if you are ready to get back in the school or want to stay home for longer - we will be ready for you! Let’s keep our chins up and know that we are getting closer! We miss you so much!

- Master Scarsella

And your World Class Instructors!

PS - This is what I think of COVID-19!


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